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Nutrition Or, Why Am I A Cynic, Continued

February 16, 2012

I’ve been seeing more and more research on what exactly constitutes a “balanced” diet, and specifically, the amounts of fat versus carbohydrates, and particularly the evil saturated fats.  Gary Taubes has written on this extensively and his two books are on my wish list, Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat.  And this New York Times article quotes him regarding the status of saturated fat, and just exactly how evil it is.

To me, this sort of thing calls into question all of this “settled science”.  Whether it be climate change or dietary nutrition, the bottom line is we simply don’t have all the answers.  We have theories and scientific studies and conclusions…but we don’t know.  And the role that politics and money plays in all of this is huge.  With governments controlling more and more of the funding for research, the pressure to conform to political stances of those in power is great.  Just look at the FDA Food Pyramid.  There is much controversy about it and what has driven it.  And yet, now they’re confiscating kid’s school lunches that they bring from home because they don’t comply with the government’s omniscient prescribed “balanced diet”.  And thank God I don’t live in New York City:

But the FDA will have to work faster if it wants to keep up with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His administration already is spearheading a “nationwide effort to reduce salt in restaurant and packaged foods.” It also has banned trans-fats and smoking in bars, launched a P.R. campaign against occasional smoking, and is in the process of restricting alcohol sales and advertising in the city.

Note that the campaign against salt is nationwide.  So, If I open a restaurant it’s possible at some point in the future that the government is going to tell me how much salt I can put in my dishes?  Seriously?

I don’t pretend to know what constitutes the most healthy diet imaginable.  I just know “they” don’t know either.  So, once again, I guess that makes me a cynic.  My worry is that, the way things are going, it’s going to make me a heretic.  Like I’ve said before, you make your decisions about what constitutes balance for you and I’ll do the same for me.  How else are we both to pursue happiness?

Because happiness to me is using as much salt as I want.

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  1. linda k. stevens permalink

    i just absolutely cannot stand all this government intrusion into personal lives!!! i’m feeling some defiance rising within me……

    salt it is! what’s next?
    stop, already, mr. make-a-mess of your own world! i’ll make my own mess!

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