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Broiled Swordfish With Horseradish Sauce

February 1, 2012

We found some swordfish steaks at the store the other day, so this is what I came up with for them.

We had some herb butter left over from something or other so I used that to brush onto the steaks.

Swordfish and metled herb butter
Herb butter…

For the sauce, I started with about 1 1/2 – 2 cups of heavy cream.

Sauce mise en place

Heated it without boiling.  Meanwhile I made a beurre manie.  Beurre manie is supposed to consist of equal amounts, by weight, of butter and flour, but this recipe called for a very small amount of butter compared to the flour.  I assume this is due to the high amount of fat in the cream.  Because of that I made the beurre manie very dry.

Beurre manie
Kneading the butter and flour together

After the cream was hot, I began adding the butter and flour mixture slowly, whisking it in as I went.

Thickening the sauce

When I felt I had enough, I seasoned the sauce with salt and white pepper and allowed it to cook on medium until it came to a boil.  As it turned out, I had used a bit too much flour so I just thinned it a little with milk as it cooked.  I allowed the sauce to cook for probably 15-20 minutes to try to make sure it had no raw flour taste remaining.  I adjusted the seasoning and added about a tablespoon of prepared horseradish shortly before serving.

After brushing the steaks with butter and seasoning, I broiled them.  My broiler is junk, so they never browned very much.

Swordfish steaks!

Served it with rice and peas.

A little sweet tea, and we’re ready to eat!

The fish was excellent, as was the sauce.  The gluten-free flour makes a great beurre manie.  It smooths out nicely and doesn’t take a lot of cooking to get rid of the raw flour taste.  The flavor of the sauce was fantastic.  It could have used a little more horseradish, but not too much.  It complimented the fish nicely without overpowering it, but the swordfish has a bold flavor so a little extra horseradish would have been fine.  Also, thinning out the sauce a little more would have made for a better presentation, but as you can see, the sauce was really smooth and had a nice sheen from the beurre manie.

Great meal!


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  1. fish permalink

    this looks awesome… as it always does sir! good work.

  2. linda k. stevens permalink

    i am always pretty impressed with the time and care that you take in the preparation of each dish. nothing is just thrown out there….it’s all thought out, planned, critiqued, and perfected!

    looks so delicious!

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