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The Politics Of Food

January 31, 2012

A very wise man once said

…unfortunately, thanks to people (pronounced “the government”) who are in my business every day about one thing or other, you can’t talk about anything anymore without politics entering into it.

And here we go again.  I haven’t read this blog, so I don’t know what he is advocating or advising.  But I don’t have to.  He apparently has an opinion on the best way to manage diabetes.  I have an opinion on the best way to manage, well, most anything.  Does that make either of us criminals?  Apparently it does in North Carolina.

The site Diabetes-Warrior.Net is being investigated by the State of North Carolina for…wait for it…giving free advice.  I’m here to tell you, that when that statute is passed in the state of Texas, I will be serving a life sentence.  Apparently in that enlightened state, you must have a license to give dietary advice.  Even for free.  If, unbeknownst to me, Texas indeed does have such a regulation, might this blog also be in violation?

If I were to advocate, as I surely do believe, that it is better for you to eat real butter than a partially-hydrogenated spread, would the food nazis come for me?  And on what basis?

First of all, if I were advocating low-fat via such synthetic spreadable plastics, no one would hassle me at all.  I’d be towing the line.  All the do-gooders would be satisfied that I didn’t need re-education and my kids didn’t need to be taken away.  But when you advocate outside of those prescribed and accepted standards, the full power of the government and the media-entertainment complex may be brought to bear on you.  I would imagine this is the case for the Diabetes Warrior.

Second, exactly who benefits from the necessity of dieticians, or even those who play one on a blog, being licensed?  Why, the dieticians of course.  All licensing programs are lobbied for on behalf of those already established in whatever business they are in.  Who was it in my own state that was pushing for the state government to force people who practice “eyebrow threading” (an ancient art of shaping eyebrows by pulling the hairs with a couple strings) to obtain a cosmetology license?  The cosmetologists, of course.  It provides a barrier to entry, you see.

It is reaching the heights of absurdity.  If you don’t want to eat butter and want to eat some plastic spread, then write me a nasty comment which I won’t approve and will never publish and go get some spread.  No harm no foul.  If you decide, based on what you read here, to eat nothing but butter from here on, like chicken nugget girl, and then, um, expire, I’m sorry.  But the fact is, there are all sorts of claims and studies out there that are absolutely bogus.  And many of them by licensed, accredited, acclaimed and otherwise upstanding people.  They’re just idiots.  With a podium.

I have my opinions, and there are innumerable variations all over the web.  Read, learn, cull, sift, retain, regurgitate.  But shutting people up, or down, is not the answer.


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  1. linda k. stevens permalink

    and that is why on matters like this, i simply operate by this rule……..

    live and let live!

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