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I’m Ahead Of My Time!

January 28, 2012

So, I write this post, basically extolling the virtues of all different kinds of food, and saying there’s nothing wrong with McDonald’s, or anything else, as long as that’s not all you eat.  Then I see this article about a girl who is killing herself eating nothing but Chicken McNuggets.

Now, beyond what I wrote the other day, this story begs at least one other comment.  The story says that she hasn’t eaten anything other than chicken nuggets since she was a toddler and that her mother gave up trying to get her to eat anything else years ago.  This may not quite qualify as child abuse, but this woman is certifiable.  A toddler says she wants chicken nuggets and you can’t say “no”?  How ridiculous.  If my kids see this they’ll accuse me of abuse in comparison.  They’re 16 and one of them can’t eat anything, but I force him to, and have for years.  The Wife and I still laugh about making him try a mushroom and him cutting it into pieces the size of minced garlic to be able to choke it down.  And the whole process taking about an hour.  For one lousy mushroom.

It saddens me to see people that won’t enjoy the bounty that God has provided.  Whether it be through some hang-up about not “liking” anything, not wanting to kill things, fear of bad health, following some fad, or simply being in a rut of eating the same things.  Go to the store and buy something.  Something you’ve never had.  Then google it and find out how to cook it and give it a try.  It’s food.  It’s not going to kill you.  Unless you happen to like it so much you get addicted and can’t eat anything else.  If that happens, just go back to step one.  See?  Problem solved!  Enjoy!


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  1. linda k. stevens permalink

    my motto…variety is the spice of life!

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