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Mahi Mahi!

January 21, 2012

I cooked the Mahi Mahi, and I must say, it was a success.  The side dishes were good as well (Polenta!), but as good as they were, I liked the fish the best.  Now, we had a really nice, fresh filet that I had to take a loan out for.  Without a doubt that helped.  That’s especially important because I like to allow the natural flavor of things, especially protein main dishes, to come through without being covered up by too much “dressing”.  That worked very well with this Mahi Mahi.

I went to H Mart and got the filet, although most of their fish is whole and it is much cheaper that way.  One of these is in my immediate future to allow me to take advantage of that.  It seemed like, maybe, it had, sort of, been scaled.  So we did a better job on that, scored the filet several times, heated up the oven and the pan to 450F, coated them both with olive oil and butter, and seasoned it with salt and pepper.

Ready for the oven

We baked it for 20 minutes, skin side up, which was just about perfect.  The only thing I would change is I would have had the rack closer to the top of the oven to better brown the skin.  I made an herb butter with fresh thyme, basil, and parsley.  The herb butter would have been even better with some shallots.  We topped the fish with the herb butter on serving.  It had just enough flavor to compliment the fish, though The Wife could have used a bit more taste (browning the skin would have helped).


For the vegies, I used some fresh broccoli The Wife had bought on sale, some fresh shiitake mushrooms I found at H Mart, and some onion.  I sautéed these until mostly done, then added some scallions.  To finish I added a little sherry, reduced that and squeezed a lemon over it all.  Seasoned it with salt and pepper.  They could have used some more flavor, and I should have gone with my first instinct which was to stir-fry them with some g-free soy sauce.

Just added to the pan

Cooking down

Adding the scallions

I had made the polenta the night before using roasted garlic.  I roasted two heads of garlic (cut the tops off, drizzle with olive oil and wrap tightly in foil and bake at 350F for 45 min), cooked a half cup of stone-ground grits (polenta), combined and refrigerated.  I use a potato ricer to press the roasted garlic.  After the polenta is refrigerated it will become firm and can be sliced.  If you salt the water for the grits (1 tsp) you won’t have to salt the polenta when you saute it.  I sautéed it in some olive oil until brown.  It was delicious and much like a bread.

Sauteeing the was a little dry and crumbly and hard to slice

But it browned up nicely



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  1. linda k. stevens permalink

    mmm…..that sounds superbe!
    i would love to experiment with the polenta. are the stone ground grits in granular form?
    it would be nice to be able to get good fish in our area. if i don’t catch my own catfish, the choices are pretty slim! 🙂 (in my itty bitty town)

  2. linda k. stevens permalink


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