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Why Am I A Cynic?

January 15, 2012

I’m a cynic and a bit of a libertarian.  Not whole-hog anarchist libertarian.  Just, you know, unless the building is on fire, let me sleep libertarian.  And this is not a political blog by any means, but, unfortunately, thanks to people (pronounced “the government”) who are in my business every day about one thing or other, you can’t talk about anything anymore without politics entering into it.  I mean, the federal government just outlawed 100w incandescent light bulbs.  Good grief.

So, The Wife brings home this brochure on eating vegetarian she was given by a co-worker.

Awwww...cute little piggie

It looks fine, right?  Very inviting.  I mean, I want to learn more about eating and cooking vegetarian.  I would never go there myself, but I realize some people do and I’m interested.  There are things about the vegetarian diet that are beneficial and lead to balance.  Like finding other sources of protein.  They’re the experts.  So I take the bait.  I turn the page.

The world is on fire and it's all because of YOU, meat-eater!

Perfect.  I think I’m going to actually learn something about the vegetarian diet and I’m treated to some radical animal-rights, environmental propaganda.  I’m not going to share with you all the gory pictures of animals in this brochure.  It’s chock full of them.

Are there problems in the food industry with the ethical treatment of livestock?  I’m quite sure there are.  But these people are not attempting to address that.  Their answer is that I, and you, need to stop eating meat.  And this whole global warming (now the euphamistic “climate change” which will still suffice if they go back to predicting another ice age as they were in the 70’s) thing has become a way for people to constantly rag on me for everything I do.  It’s either killing me, as in the references to cancer and diabetes above, or it’s killing you and everybody else through climate change.

It used to be high carb, now it’s low carb.  It used to be ice age, now all the glaciers are melting.  And you, and I, need to sit in the cold, dark and munch on a carrot and stop ruining everything.  Yeah, I’m a cynic.


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  1. Have you read Eating Animals by Johathan Safran Foer. It won’t make you a cynic but it will give you information without trying to talk you into being a vegetarian if you dont want to. Good book. This brochure seems like it is trying to scare people into being a vegetarian!

  2. I was engaged to a full flown libertarian once. But I’m more like you when it comes to anarchy and the like. I was also a vegan for 7 years after reading “Diet for a New America” back in the 90s. Now here I am making foie gras and debating cooking a baby rabbit. How life can change us! Thanks for stopping by.

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