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A Word of Thanks for The Flour

January 14, 2012

I mentioned in a previous post the importance of the all-purpose gluten-free flour blend.  I cannot thank the people enough who have labored to create these products.  Not only the commercially available products but the various recipes for blends that are out there.  Much, if not most, of this work has been done by free-lance cooks in their home kitchens, not by food scientists employed be big bakery mix manufacturers or big-time chefs.

I use the Artisan Flour blend by Peter and Kelli Bronski.  I attended a class by Peter at the Gluten-Free Expo in Dallas and have found their blend to be excellent.  It makes good roux and breading.  Since I don’t do any “baking” I can’t speak to that, but I know there are many different blends out there for different purposes.

Thanks to all those who have contributed to the advances in these flours.  Without them we really would be limited.


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  1. Namaste brand gluten-free baking mix is AMAZING for baking. I substitute it cup for cup in my family sweets recipes!

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