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January 13, 2012

I have discovered fresh-ground coffee.  Community Coffee Dark Roast.  The wife got me a grinder a couple of years ago, but besides trying some Italian Roast from Starbucks that was terrible, I’d really only used it for pepper.  But thanks to a nice pepper grinder my bro-n-law got me for Christmas, I don’t have to do that anymore.  So when I saw the bags of whole beans last week at the store, I picked some up.  I can’t believe the difference.  It’s smooth, rich…in short, awesome.

I had a customer wax eloquently to me last year about the joys of roasting your own beans and how much difference there was in the flavor.  I’m not sure I’m going to go that far, but I’m certainly more interested now than I was pretending to be last year.  We’ll see.


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